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31 Aralık 2016 Cumartesi

Zbrush Topoloji Videoları

In Chapter 1, we start with creating a single Polygroup for our prop before moving into the basic principles of the Topology Brush. We look at how curve lines are drawn and removed, as well as how they can be extended and used to create new meshes.

In Chapter 2, we expand on the previous tutorial. We use the Shift key to create loops around our model and later explore ways to separate the sub-objects we created from the parent, we also look at using symmetry and LazyMouse to allow for additional functionality.

In Chapter 3, we take a closer look at the curve mode function within ZBush 4R4. We explore the obstacles that may be encountered when trying to edit the curve lines before moving into ZSphere topology. We also look at editing existing topology by using the Topology Brush.

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